Broken Flowers (sans Bill Murray)

I think we can all agree that flowers are the greatest. Tiny architectural feats of nature that come in a million perfect colours and make the world both look and smell sweeter. HOWEVER. Somewhere deep inside me (and hopefully some of you, too) is the Hulk-esque need to smash fragile things. Whenever I’m in a shop with crystal vases and porcelain collector plates, I have to physically restrain myself from ninjakicking a display. I was always the kid who jumped on sandcastles.

Therefore it’s no wonder the Broken Flowers series by Jon Shireman caught my attention! Simple floral arrangements are frozen, then delicately broken into a fragmented deconstruction that can never be reconstructed. These are pictures that highlight the fragility of life, remind us to appreciate nature… and indulge our (my) inner destructive fantasies. RAWR!

Check out Shireman’s other work here!


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