Architectural Personality – Hong Kong

One of the best ways to understand a city is architecture. My laidback, young city is defined by modern curves and breezy eco-friendly spaces with lots of greenery. Of course I take it for granted most days and am constantly on the hunt for different style/aesthetic ideas. Today it is Hong Kong (as seen through the eyes (lens) of Peppermill CD Daniel Büttner) which appears to be the epitome of postmodern efficiency. Occasional pops of muted warm colour breathe life into sleek fusions of Eastern + Western design, equally influenced by feng shui and glossy profitability. Büttner’s expert framing embraces the confident angle symmetry and restrained energy of this vibrant city, and makes it clear that Hong Kong waits for no one!

Everyone needs to check out Peppermill! They are a CGI/Animation design company who create some seriously clever things.


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