Thrift Lift

I’ve always been jealous of vintage shoppers. They make it look so damn easy to find genuine 70s Pucci wrap dresses for like $5, meanwhile I walk away with yet another pile of books covered in funky-smelling stains. And then there’s Illinois artist Chad Wys, who is on a whole other level. Not only does he have an eye for distinguishing quality art from the crap, he’s also got the confidence to graffiti them into completely new (and mostly improved) pieces! Lots of simple colour, boldness, and quirky juxtaposition that somehow ends up as part of a deeper philosophical conversation about modern VS traditional values… which I guess is kind of the point of thrift shopping? It just took a confetti-coated porcelain lady for me to finally understand.

Check out the rest of Wys’s portfolio here! (The American Tapestry series is a mind-bending highlight)


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