Create the Debate

I’ve been sitting here trying to start this post for much longer than I’ll ever admit to and it has nothing to do with writer’s block. Quite the opposite, actually! Mixing + matching these badass prints from Brooklyn designer Matt McGinnis is basically a lucky dip of creative writing prompts, and I keep getting distracted by wondering what kind of conversation would happen between a Chinese economist and a Russian Orthodox nun, or an American fundamentalist Christian and a Lebanese soldier, or teenaged Sunni and Shiite Musilims… maybe I’m a dork but this is genuinely fascinating to think about! Plus, they’re not exactly hideous to look at ;)

Debuting as part of the London Design Festival and available through SCP’s Design Department Store, McGinnis’s bold designs get straight to the point. Silhouettes and iconic symbols are a clever way to depict each collective group of people, and the bright blocks of colour give the prints a retro pop art vibe. Each print is available facing both directions so they can debate with every other group. And the best part? STICKERS. Change the conversation with speech bubble stickers illustrating a whole bunch of different topics and opinions- there are infinite possibilities for conflict! (and resolution) (and stories!)


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